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See what our satisfied customers have to say about their service experience at Kearney Garage. We have over 40 years of experience giving customers friendly and thorough service they can trust — all at competitive, honest prices!
“Let me say I have not been to Kearney Garage in nearly a decade. However, I used them for many years starting in the 1980s until I bought a VW in 2002 and decided I was better off at a VW shop. Gary Heber, who still owns and runs this garage, was never anything but honest and trustworthy. I see no reason not to give him your business today.”

- Andy G. – from Yelp

“Neighborhood garage, good/honest guys. They fixed a recall issue I had. Suggested some things I could look into servicing in the next few months but didn’t try to sell me on any immediate fixes (must have’s) like a lot of other places tend to do.”

- Jack H. from Yelp

“They also saved me a TON of $$ when the Nissan dealership I used to go to tried to swindle me when their one and only honest service guy left. They claimed I had $5,500 worth of repairs to make (even went so far as to say my timing chain needed replacing at 45k miles?! Sure thing!) I took it to Kearney for a second opinion and they were great honest guys. After they did their own inspection, we reviewed the “issues” the Nissan dealership said my car had and they went through each one of them telling me no, no, no!”

- Ian U. from Yelp

"Gary is the owner and in my experience he and his staff are very ethical and they do incredible work. I took my Kia to have the front struts replaced and they discovered that the main problem was actually broken sensors and rather than charge me they ordered the parts and replaced them for free. I don’t know any mechanic or auto care company that extends that level of customer service. They are upstanding experts in repair and maintenance and I will be back and will refer friends and family as new car issues arrive. These guys are excellent!” 

- Marshall A. from Yelp

“Needed my front wheel bearings replaced and they took care of my quickly! The service was great and they are at a convenient location for me in Park Hill that it worked out fantastic. I’ll definitely be doing more work with them in the future.”

- Allyson K. from Yelp

“Took my Audi here to get the busted fuel pump fixed. Very quick service and great friendly staff. Will come back here if I need to for sure.” 

- Patrick V. from Yelp

“Honest, straightforward. I brought my Nissans there exclusively; now that I have a VW I have found that if it’s an esoteric computer issue I go to the dealer. Everything else (brakes, tires, oil changes, alignment) I take to Kearney. Same owner for over 20 years.” 

- A Google User

“The service I received from Kearney Garage was done in a very timely manner and the mechanics were very straight forward. They really explained what was wrong and did not try to pressure me into doing more unnecessary things with my car!”

- A Google User
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